Brave New Alps


2007 and 2005


The documentary Himmelblau is an investigation on a homeless who is known in Bozen/Bolzano for unrelentingly looking at the sky and, according to malicious rumors, seeing UFOs hiding behind the clouds. The interview turns into a portrait of the social problems present in the wealthy Italian region of South Tyrol. Sunlight flooded images of the man, proposing a critical narration of the town’s society, are confronted with nighttime images of some of the socially most problematic places of Bozen/Bolzano.



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In the film Itinerario the camera follows the route which a young South-Tyrolean woman travels during her last day alive before dying in the periphery of Bozen/Bolzano in forcible and mysterious circumstances. The itinerary of the victim is taken as the starting point for a broader narration about the region, which is told by investigating on the people and places that are marginal to the central occurrence. A story is being told by talking about something else.



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Well, it’s not like in Bozen there is no violence, the fact is that it is not in the streets… Also the Michaeler case was discovered in a kind of hidden situation… Everything is concealed, everything is very soft. […] The violence is there, but it is masked. […] In small cities people live well because they don’t know what sort of social problems there are, and this because there is some sort of huge silencer that mists over everything.