Brave New Alps

Public A-I-R – workshop


As part of our residency at A-I-R Laboratory, CSW Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw, in July 2011 we ran, together with designer Pawel Jasiewicz, a one week workshop for students from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Art, Goldsmiths College (London) and Moholy-Nagy University (Budapest). The brief was to create an intervention in public space, in the park surrounding Ujazdowski Castle, on occasion of the festival Public A-I-R.

Magdalena Assanovicz, Food-mapping – where in Warsaw did you eat your best meal?

Anna Balázs, Charlotte Downs, Yoohyun Lee, Alexander Smilansky, Marcela Teran, collecting messages and stories from people on paper and with stamps handmade from materials found in and around the castle. Each contributor’s letter was then sent to another contributor’s address.

Brave New Alps, Drinking the park – postcards with elderflower cordial recipe and elderflower cordial made from trees growing in the park surrounding the castle

Norbert Delman, TV monitor embedded in the ground showing a looped video of the piece of grass that was removed in order to put the monitor into the ground

Janek Garncarek, multiple percussion instrument facilitating non-verbal interaction between players

Alicja Getka, balancing platforms as relational devices

Agata Leszczynska, series of ‘iconic photographic frames’ disseminated across the park

Dorota Swiderska, Human Charger, an installation with instruction sheet to facilitate treehugging, a very common praxis in Poland, which is thought to help eliminate those energies in our body that cause stress and anxiety feelings