Brave New Alps

Paradise by design?

What would it mean to live in a “paradisal” upper Vinschgau? What economic activities could sustain a desirable quality of life in the valley? By what means can unsustainable seductions be resisted? How to make the ongoing process of transformation a participatory, inclusive and pro-positive one?

This two-day workshop took place in the framework of the conference By Design or By Disaster, which took place in 2013 between September 26 and 28 at the Faculty for Design and Art at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano (Italy). The workshop developed out of a collaboration between the citizen activist group Adam & Epfl and Brave New Alps. The conference was organized by Kris Krois and Alvise Mattozzi.

The designers and non-designers participating in the workshop were:
Davide Belotti, Michael Bockhorni, Nicola Chemotti, Vincenzo Del Fatto, Damiano Fraccaro, Simone Lechner, Yuwei Lin, Lisa Metzger, Joe Shaw, Lisa Stanzel, Andreas Trenker, Giovanna Zanghellini
The workshop has been documented by Nina McNab.

The results were collected in an instant publication in German and Italian.




Visiting the upper Vinschgau on day 1. Photo: Damiano Fraccaro


Actor-network mapping with the members of Adam & Epfl. Photo: Julia Kamakova


Day 2 in Bolzano. Photo: Nina McNab


Final presentation in the inner courtyard of the University of Bolzano. Photo: Nina McNab