Brave New Alps

Nothing (like) Toulouse


Workshop held for first year art and design students of the école supérieure des beaux-arts de Toulouse , 17-21 January 2011.

Toulouse will be the playground for our workshop. Using the city as your framework, over the next few days you will explore spaces along the new tramway T1 and twist them through a variety of interventions.
To come up with ideas that critically reflect on Toulouse and the chosen spaces you will need to observe them, make use of them and chat to people who are familiar with them. So, who is using the space and how? What are its spatial qualities – architecture, sound, light, etc.? Are there moments throughout the day when something particular is happening? What stories are inscribed in the place? What has been there before? Are there any future plans for the space? Once you have gathered some insight into your chosen space, try to weave your findings into an intervention. On the last day we will tour along the T1 altogether for presentations of your work: enjoying Toulouse, interpreted by a group of art and design students.


Alexis Chrun & Wei Yi


Caroline Trautmann & Charles Smith & Lucille Galindo


Marianna Ladreyt & Anaëlle Mariette


Dalal Tamri & Marie Sanna


Abel Larat & Quentin Mauger


Mélissa Djinekou & Anna Burlet


Sylvain Andre & Charly Dubois


Darla Murphy & Maxime Pairault


Lea Mercier & Thomas Laval


Arthur Avellano & Paul Bardet


Elizabeth Laliberte de Gagne & Elisabeth L’eveille


Naraid Oag Kuapunyakoon & Eva Alonso