Brave New Alps

Assembling Hospital(ity)

From the 25th March to the 2nd April, we’ll be in Rosarno (Calabria, southern Italy) to assemble Hospital(ity), the structure we helped build over the last few months in Rovereto, and which will soon be home to a literacy class, a clinic and a legal support point. The facility will be activated by different volunteer groups and organisations providing their services to the many exploited migrant fruitpickers living in the area.

We’ll go there together with 8 of the people who co-built the modules in Rovereto (Ablaye Mboup, Alex Trotta, Douglas Imasuem, Haruna Barr, Luca Modena, Samuel Funtim, Sowanou Komivi and Thierry Mbouli Obama) and with the architecture collective Area 527 (Francesca Bonadiman, Lionella Biancon and Michele Rossa), who designed the structure.

See more about the project on our Facebook profile (yeah! controversial, isn’t it?). Soon also a proper project section on this site about the whole thing.