Brave New Alps

Projekt Bauhaus

We’re excited to be involved in Projekt Bauhaus until September 2018.

We just came back from Berlin, where we contributed to the panel discussion “Spaces of Knowledge” and designed the last session, an informal exchange between the speakers, the curators and the audience with food and drinks we brought from the Vallagarina and that were provided by small organic producers we are collaborating with in the district. We had wine from Eugenio Rosi; cheese, jam, juices and olives from Elisabetta Monti (La Fonte); and more cheese and sausages from Fabio Manfredi.

Over the next year we will be collaborating with Jesko Fezer and his students from the Studio Experimentelles Design at the HFBK in Hamburg to develop a new project within the research framework of COMUNfARE.