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Hospital(ity) school – please help with crowdfunding

We need your help to support a crowdfunding campaign for a project we are involved in.

For a few months now, we have been collaborating with an activist collective from Bolzano, who are running Italian courses in the ghettos of Southern Italy, where thousands of heavily exploited crop pickers live in horrible conditions – you may have heard of Rosarno. These are the people who pick the oranges and tangerines, but also many other agricultural products that we daily consume all over Europe.

About a year ago, the collective, called “Mamadou”, started to run language classes in these places – the mastering of Italian being identified as the most important means for self-emancipation.

Now, our plan is to build a modular structure (this was designed by an Italian collective of socially-engaged architects) in Rovereto, with the help of a group of asylum seekers. The ‘shack’ will then be shipped to Rosarno with the help of SOS Rosarno and assembled in the ghetto next to the town. The structure, which will be run by different engaged groups from all over Italy, will host an Italian school and a medical and legal assistance point.

As many of you know, since 2016 we have been setting up QuerciaLAB, a “community maker space” in Rovereto (see picture below), where we organise activities around making, the commons, and community economies, involving asylum seekers, local inhabitants and international guests. The space now hosts a fully-equipped wood workshop, where we plan to build the structure’s modules.

Therefore, we are now trying to raise money to realise this ambitious project. And for this we need your help!

You can donate as much as you want directly over the crowdfunding page: For donations of 20€ and above there is a nice little treat :)

Please download the architectural project here, so you can get a better idea of what’s boiling in the pot.

Also, it would be really great if you could help us spread this campaign as widely as possible through your social networks.

Thank you very much for contributing to make this happen!!