Brave New Alps

QuerciaLAB – community economies research and resource centre

In the framework of the research COMUNfARE, since September 2016, we are working on setting up QuerciaLAB, a community economies research and resource centre in Rovereto (IT). As the Centre starts out, it is hosted in a disused industrial space (200m²), which is part of a complex of buildings that have been re-functioned in 2015 in order to host up to 80 asylum seekers. The Centre is conceived as a multifunctional space that will grow into an interface that through ‘making’, research and culture fosters the creation of alternative socio-economic relations between old and new inhabitants of the Vallagarina district and beyond.


The initial building workshops have been run in collaboration with MA students from the Sheffield School of Architecture and members of the Erasmus Plus network Ecole_IG in the framework of a Live Project.

We are working on the centre in collaboration with the co-operative Punto D’Approdo and have so far been sustained by Cinformi, Festool, Doka and an Erasmus+ grant through the Ecole_IG network.

We’re currently also working on QuerciaLAB’s own website – designed by Gaja Meznaric-Osole and programmed by Blaz Beuermann.