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PhD by Design at Leeds College of Art


On Thursday the 14th May 2015, we are organising a PhD by Design study and workshop day titled ‘Making knowledge travel: exploring modes of dissemination for practice-based design research’ at Leeds College of Art.

The topic of the day is inspired by the many questions raised around research dissemination during the PhD by Design conference at Goldsmiths in November 2014. Through this study day, we want to make space for tentative yet innovative ideas rather than gathering around polished knowledge and methods of dissemination. Everyone attending will also be presenting and contribute to create a supportive environment for discussion and exploration.

Some of the questions we aim to tackle are:
• Who is the audience for practice-based design research? And how can we reach it?
• What ways of disseminating reflect the inventive ways in which practice-based research is done?
• How to write up research with non-academic collaborators?
• How to push the boundaries of what counts as research and valuable dissemination?
• How to mediate that which is not linguistic in practice-based research?

Physical outcome
As an outcome of the day, all the participants will contribute to creating an instant journal. So that at the end of the day, everyone goes home with a record of the knowledge, ideas and proposals generated during the workshop day.
Info for registration
Please complete the online form providing:

A short biography (max. 100 words)
Three keywords
A statement of what you research and how you make it travel (max. 150 words)
One great image of how your research travels
One question you have around the dissemination of practice-based design research

Also prepare, and bring with you a short 5min presentation of one instance of dissemination of your research. This can also be work in progress or something you are about to try next. What did you do? What worked and why? What did not work?

There is an attendance fee of £10 to cover breakfast, refreshments and a drinks reception. Lunch is not included.

The study day is open to up to 30 people so please register ASAP to confirm your space. Please find more information on the PhD By Design website.

Deadline for registration
16th April 2015

In collaboration with Maria Portugal and Alison Thomson.