Brave New Alps

My castle is your castle fully booked

As at the moment we have a slight surplus of space available in the places we are working at, we would like to attempt to set up an ‘economy of support’ by sharing these with others.

Designers, architects, design historians or other people related to design, who are working or intend to work on projects that reflect critically on society and who are looking for a workspace are welcome.

We would like to share a studio space in New Cross – London and a residency space in Warsaw.

Studio space with Bianca in New Cross

In Bianca’s studio in London there are two spare places that could be shared with someone who is in need for a (rather desk-based) working space. Her studio is on the top floor of a small house that hosts 3 more studios of design research students.
To begin with, the two workspaces will be available for the whole month of May. If you are interested in using the space, get in touch and we can meet sometimes before the 30th of March or after the 29th of April to see how this could work out.

Residency space with Fabio in Warsaw

We’re participating in the A-I-R program run by the Center for Contemporary Art Ujadowski Castle in Warsaw until the end of July 2011 and would like to offer a practitioner the possibility to come to Warsaw for a period of 1 to 3 weeks.

We would have to share an studio (about 25 square meters) for working and sleeping. At the moment we are building a structure that will create two distinct space in the studio, so that each can have some privacy. We can cook in the common kitchen, which is shared with other people in residence and there is access to a gallery/project space.

Should you be interested in coming to Warsaw between May and July in order to develop a personal project and/or participate in our research/project/organisation of events, there is the possibility of covering your basic costs like travel expenses and some project materials.

Just get in touch with a short note of why would want to come to Warsaw and what your plans would be.