Brave New Alps

L’eresia del “dohiger” on krisis magazine

A few months ago we were invited by Unità di Crisi, “a research unit composed by communication designers, theorists and teachers, focused on the phenomenon of the global and permanent crisis” to contribute to the first issue of krisis magazine .

For our contribution to the identities issue we involved Dario Massimo, a journalist and writer from Franzensfeste-Fortezza we are friends with since Fortezza Open Archive. For this occasion Dario wrote a wonderful piece on the issue of identity and the concept of “dohiger” (a person who is ‘from here’) in relation to the history and the population of Franzensfeste-Fortezza, as a contribution both for krisis and for Fortezza Open Archive.

The image we contributed is a photograph of the 1921 joint strike of Italian and Austrian railway workers in Franzensfeste-Fortezza, which we took from the archive we set up back in 2008. “Incazziert”, an expression commonly used in South Tyrol meaning “angry”, is probably the best South-Tyrolean word that contains a mixture of Italian and German. It comes from the italian word “incazzato”.

click here to go to the project’s page and to read L’eresia del “dohiger”