Brave New Alps

Architecture and Resilience on a Human Scale conference

We’ll be soon presenting a paper titled “Montagna Viva, The Living Mountain: Conversing with an experiment in making (the local) in common” about the local initiative around the commons Montagna Viva at the Architecture and Resilience on a Human Scale conference at SSoA.

Download the paper here.

Modes of Criticism – now on-line

The text on the context out of which Precarity Pilot grew is now on-line: Precarity Pilot: Making Space for Socially- and Politically-Engaged Design Practice.


Workshop at Travelogue Summer School

Sorry for posting this so late. Last Monday we ran a workshop at Travelogue Summer School in Porto (PT) for a stunningly diverse group of 24 designers. A beautiful day hunting for temporary and permanent urban commons and reflecting about practices of commoning in the contemporary austerity- and gentrification-ridden city.




We invite you all (and your friends too) to sign this petition to save R-Urban in Colombes (Paris).

This amazing long-term project for trans-local resilience and the urban commons is threatened with eviction by the newly-elected right-wing municipal council. The plan is to build a car park where now Agrocité is located and to get rid of all other components of the project by coming September.

It is of vital importance that R-Urban stays alive, as it is only through ‘facts on the ground’ like this that we designers/architects who are pushing for other ways of doing design can keep being inspired and confidently long for alternatives evading the homogenising forces of capital.

Please spread this widely. #saveRURBAN

COMUNfARE – Circolo del Suolo


We are about to start a new adventure, this time in Italy: Circolo del Suolo is the first initiative as part of our research COMUNfARE – towards a school for popular design and making in common.

We are getting started on July 14. If you happen to be in Italy this summer, please come and visits us!

Municipal library
via Romani 14
38060 Nomi (TN)

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PhD by Design – Researching across difference

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 18.14.56

We are very excited to announce the next PhD By Design conference, ‘Researching across difference’, being held in the Department of Design at Goldsmiths on the 5th and 6th of November 2015. The conference is an opportunity to present work and discuss the diverse aspects of what it means to do a practice-based PhD in Design.

In collaboration with Maria Portugal and Alison Thomson.

Feminist practices, tactics and strategies in art and design education

At the 10th biennial international conference of the Gender and Education Association, we run a workshop exploring how to deal sexism and other kinds of discriminations/oppressions within art and design education. Hoping to move something and to produce content for the Precarity Pilot website.

Feminism, Power and Pegagogy GEA conference
25 June 2015 – 9-11am
Richmond Room
University of Roehampton

In collaboration with Sam Broadhead, Sheila Gaffney, Debra Roberts and Kai Syng Tan from Leeds College of Art.

PhD by Design – Making knowledge travel

This is the instant journal we produced during the PhD by Design study and workshop day at Leeds College of Art on May 14 2015.

In collaboration with Maria Portugal and Alison Thomson.

Interview about Precarity Pilot on Akademie Schloss Solitude Blog

A few weeks ago, Clara Hermann from Akademie Schloss Solitude interviewed us about Precarity Pilot. Check it here.


Precarity Pilot at Akademie Schloss Solitude

Precarity Pilot is currently exhibited at Akatemie Schloss Solitude and will stay on show until the 5th July.


Precarity Pilot – Ljubljana

On Friday, 29 May – in collaboration with Gaja Mežnaric Osole – we are running an all-day Precarity Pilot workshop at Poligon in Ljubljana.


The day before, we are contributing to a roundtable discussion on the future of jobs in Europe.

Blogging on Il Fatto Quotidiano

Since May 2015, we are contributing to the Italian on-line newsportal Il Fatto Quotidiano with monthly blog posts in which we reflect on the role and the context of contemporary designers.

Making other worlds possible – disruptive innovators

This is the presentation with which we contributed to the Making Other Worlds Possible sessions that focused on disruptive innovators during the annual meeting of the Association of American Geographers in Chicago, in April 2015.

Precarity Pilot: exceedig precarising models of design practice from Brave New Alps

The sessions were organised by Stephen Healy and Katherine Gibson from the Community Economies Research Network.

On Twitter


We’re on Twitter. Follow us, if you like.

Interview with Blackbark for Precarity Pilot



New interview with Hywel from Blackbark published on Precarity Pilot. Inspiring stuff!


What it means to win / che significa vincere / was es heisst zu gewinnen – workshop II

…a game, a competition, the formulation of a strategy… but who is one fighting with, why and in which context?

The second of a series of workshops we are facilitating together with Paolo Plotegher at ar/ge kunst in Bozen-Bolzano. This time also in collaboration with the economist and community organiser Michael Schlauch.

ar/ge kunst
Saturday, 11 April 2015
2pm to 6pm

Glocal Design Spring in Bozen-Bolzano


On Saturday 27 March, as part of the conference Glocal Design Spring at the University of Bozen-Bolzano, we will discuss and brainstorm around our new research project COMUNfARE.

Making other worlds possible – Chicago


On April 21, we will discuss Precarity Pilot with fellow members of the Community Economies Research Network. This will happen during the annual meeting of the Association of American Geographers in Chicago.

Making Other Worlds Possible V: The Role of Disruptive Innovation and New Political Imaginaries
21 April 2015 – 4:40 PM – 6:20 PM
Comiskey, Hyatt, West Tower, Bronze Level, Chicago

Design Latitudes – University of Alberta


Precarity Pilot will be part of the exhibition Design Latitudes at the University of Alberta, Canada. The exhibition maps the innovations, influences and future directions of design studies in the north.

May 12 to June 6, 2015
Fine Arts Building Gallery, University of Alberta
Edmonton (53.53° N), Canada
Opening reception: May 21, 7 to 10 pm

Urban Makers, Makers Economies

We’re involved in the organisation of the seminar Urban Makers, Makers Economies at SSoA on the 18 March 2015. Will be a great afternoon!


The font used for the title is Biko, by our friend Marco Ugolini.

Here the introduction text written by STEALTH.unlimited:

Increasingly, citizens find themselves jointly re-inventing part of urban life, and with that, part of urban economy. “We, the citizens” behind these initiatives are a broad range of neighbourhood activists, artists, spatial practitioners, architects, and many others trying to give urban life a new horizon. They are determined to take things into their own (collective) hands, to address existential needs (housing, workspace, work) or fundamentally reshape the city away from the terrain of speculative development and financialization into something that provides a ground for all of us.

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