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Übersetzungen ins Deutsche

Von nun an werden wir nur bestimmte Posts und Seiten ins Deutsche übersetzen. Es tut uns Leid, aber die ganze Übersetzerei schluckt einfach zu viel Zeit.

Projekt Bauhaus – Vorkurs, Werkstatt, Begräbnis

The year 2019 will mark the centenary of the foundation of the Bauhaus. To celebrate this occasion, a transdisciplinary, international group of experts working to a five-year plan initiated project bauhaus, the aim being to take critical stock of the ideas of the Bauhaus and to render the utopian surplus of the Bauhaus productive for the present.

We are pleased to be contributing to Projekt Bauhaus betwen 2017 and 2018. Initiated by ARCH+, between 2015 and 2019, Projekt Bauhaus offers a new question to debate every year to invite experimental inquiry into a renewal of art, design and architecture in relation to contemporary society.

Exploring Territories – talk & workshop

We’re delighted to contribute to Exploring Territories, the Graphic Design Educators’ Network second annual conference, which will explore the physical, intellectual and existential terrain of design learning and teaching.

9 September 2016
Cardiff School of Art and Design – B Block, Cardiff Metropolitan University Western Avenue, Cardiff, CF5 2YB

And these are the slides of our presentation:

Urban Heat: Art Data and Activism


Reactive Interstices – a course on the other economy


The Circolo del Suolo goes on. The new chapter is called Reactive Interstices and it’s a course that consists in six week-end-sessions held between June and December 2016.

The course is dedicated to community economies and will bring together people who want to activate projects that rotate around the well-being of people and the environment.

On Saturdays, we will visit eco-social initiatives in Northern Italy, while on Sundays we will come together for seminars and workshops to strengthen the projects of the people participating.

Further details can be found here (in Italian):…/interstizi-reattivi-call.pdf

PhD by Design – documentation 2015

The documentation of the PhD by Design confernece „Resarching across difference“ is now online.
… we can guarantee it’s a great read!

Download as pdf.

PhD by Design – Making knowledge travel

Questo è l’Instant Journal che abbiamo prodotto durante una giornata di studio e workshop di PhD by Design a Leeds College of Art il 14 maggio 2015.

In collaborazione con Maria Portugal e Alison Thomson.

What it means to win / che significa vincere / was es heisst zu gewinnen – workshop II

…a game, a competition, the formulation of a strategy… but who is one fighting with, why and in which context?

The second of a series of workshops we are facilitating together with Paolo Plotegher at ar/ge kunst in Bozen-Bolzano. This time also in collaboration with the economist and community organiser Michael Schlauch.

ar/ge kunst
Saturday, 11 April 2015
2pm to 6pm

Modes of Criticism 1

A text on Precarity Pilot is out on ‘Modes of Criticism 1‘ – a new design magazine/journal edited by Francisco Laranjo. In the text, we focus on the context out of which the project grew, the goals we work towards and the methods we are using.


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PhD by Design at Leeds College of Art


On Thursday the 14th May 2015, we are organising a PhD by Design study and workshop day titled ‘Making knowledge travel: exploring modes of dissemination for practice-based design research’ at Leeds College of Art.

The topic of the day is inspired by the many questions raised around research dissemination during the PhD by Design conference at Goldsmiths in November 2014. Through this study day, we want to make space for tentative yet innovative ideas rather than gathering around polished knowledge and methods of dissemination. Everyone attending will also be presenting and contribute to create a supportive environment for discussion and exploration.

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Designing Economic Cultures – Seminar 6

Designing Economic Cultures – Seminar 5

Designing Economic Cultures – Seminar 4

Designing Economic Cultures – Seminar 3

Bei Careof, Mailand, 05.09.2011-28.10.2011

Unsere nächste Residenz beginnt bald. Bis zum 28. Oktober werden wir bei Careof, einer Organisation für zeitgenössische Kunst in der Fabbrica del Vapore in Mailand zu Gast sein. Wir werden die Baustelle für nicht-affirmative Praxis mit sechs Absolventen italienischer Designunis teilen: Isacco Chiaf, Stefano Capodieci , Caterina Giuliani , Manuel Guadagnini, ein Mitglied des Kollektivs Quisai und Giovanna Zanghellini.

Do widzenia Warszawa

Nach unserer 5 monatelangen Residenz beim A-I-R Laboratory in Warschau sind wir wieder in Italien. Bald werden wir mehr Material zu Constructive Dismantling, unserem größten Projekt dort, posten.

Interview in Notes

Ein Interview mit uns (geführt von Paulina Jeziorek) wurde in „“ (6-Wochen Notizbuch) veröffentlicht. Notes ist ein no-profit Kulturmagazin herausgegeben von Bec Zmiana Foundation (Warschau).

In Metropolitan Magazine und PEN

Ein Artikel über Department 21 wurde in Metropolitan Magazine veröffentlicht und einer über Decode Jerusalem in der japanischen Designzeitschrift PEN.

Designing Economic Cultures – Seminar 2

Designing Economic Cultures – Seminar 1

Creative Survival – dealing with precarious working conditions ist das erste von 6 Seminaren für Designstudenten des Goldsmiths College, die Bianca im Rahmen ihrer Doktorarbeit organisiert.